Famiglia Domani, headed by Luigi Coda Nunziante is an independent national association, not affiliated with any political party, that strives to protect and promote natural and Christian family values threatened by the cultural and moral degradation of our times.

With the encouragement of the Pontifical Council for the Family, that has confirmed the need for the activities that the Association is “carrying out for the good, not only of families, but for society as a whole” (Cardinal Gagnon’s letter of 27 March 1990), it has intervened and aims to expand its involvement in areas of significant cultural and moral impact. It intends to take on pornography, pedophilia or TV violence and drugs, aside from the vital issues tied to the beginning and end of life, by actively participating in the country’s public life for the approval or modification of the laws being discussed in the Chambers.

It is made up solely of volunteers and relies exclusively on the aid provided by its benefactors and friends.

Associazione Famiglia Domani
Piazza Santa Balbina 8 - 00153 Roma - Tel. Fax 06.3220291